My Story

Meals By Mel

Meals By Mel was created in 2016 when Melissa decided that her passion for cooking was deeper than the pot, she has always loved the traditional, family-oriented cooking style. Hence, the slogan: “a taste of home, away from home”, showcases her love for food and most importantly, people. Always feeling the need to satisfy people’s tastebuds, Melissa developed her concept of your favorite Southern comfort foods.

“The goal is to open my restaurant in the heart of Houston…”

Excerpt from Voyage Houston Interview.
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A Taste Of Home Away From Home.
Serving the Greater Houston Areas
& Surrounding cities.

Mel’s Story Continued

Coming from a large family from different cultures, Melissa was no stranger to the kitchen. However, her main priority was to leave people’s taste buds with dishes that reminded them of their own family cooking. Meals By Mel is your food pitstop when it comes to having authentic home-cooked meals. Her goal is to feed millions while leaving a memorable mark.